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Kurta Set Kalamkari - Black / Lime / Beige

Kurta Set Kalamkari - Black / Lime / Beige

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Kalamkari is Mayura Kumar’s signature series. Her foray into design began with this skilled art form.

The term "Kalamkari" is derived from the Persian words "kalam" (pen) and "kari" (craftsmanship), meaning drawing with a pen using organic and natural dyes from Andhra Pradesh and Telangana.This master craft technique is renowned for its storytelling through rich colours and mythological themes on textiles. Kalamkari stands as India’s pride in sustainable & eco-friendly textile art.


SKU: MK-BT-1590
Collection: Crafts Of India - Celebrate Kalamkari
Product: Kurta Set
Style: Kurta Tunic / Pant / Cape 
Colour: Black / Lime / Beige 
Fabric: Modal Silk / Crepe Silk / Raw Cotton Silk 
Craft: Kalamkari  / Tagai Thread Craft
No. of Pcs: 3

Fabric & Care

Modal Silk: Luxuriously smooth with a luminous matt sheen, Modal Silk adds a touch of elegance to every ensemble. Ideal for its draping quality, gauge and texture - it is an ideal choice for styling ensembles.

Crepe: Known for its textured, crinkled appearance, Crepe is both soft and durable. Its subtle sheen and graceful drape make it ideal for classic ethnic silhouettes.

Raw Cotton Silk : Is a natural fibre that combines the softness and breathability of cotton with the luxurious sheen and strength of silk. This blend creates a fabric that is both comfortable and elegant. 

Dry clean only.

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