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Saree Gota - Pink / Blue

Saree Gota - Pink / Blue

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Traditional Rajasthani Gota and ombre tie-dye techniques are fused with royal Banarasi textiles, creating an old-world charm that displays the colourful splendour of Rajasthan.


Collection: Go Gota
Product: Saree Set
Style: Saree/Blouse
Colour: Blue/Pink/Grey
Fabric: Satin Silk/Silk/Organza
Craft: Ombre Dyeing/Zari Weave/Gota Craft
No. of Pcs: 2

Fabric & Care

Satin Silk: Luxuriously smooth with a luminous sheen, Satin Silk adds a touch of elegance to every ensemble. Ideal for drapes and flowing silhouettes, it's the epitome of sophistication in Indian ethnic wear.

Organza: Ethereal and elegant, Organza adds a fairy-tale touch to its drape. Its sheer, lightweight quality makes it a favorite for graceful layering and detailed embellishments.


Silk: Luxuriously smooth with a luminous sheen, Banarasi Zari silk adds a touch of elegance to every ensemble. 

Dry clean only.

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